Ch. Sakuya
THMON Sakuya
National Dex: 007
Evolves From: NA
Evolves Into: Sakuya
Generation: Generation 1
Pronunciation: Saa-ku-ya
Base Stats
Attack: NA
Defense: NA
Special Atk: NA
Special Def: NA
Speed: NA
Biological Details
Species: Chibi Maid
Type(s): Ice
Height: 1'04"
Weight: 11.0 lbs
  • Elegance
Pokédex Color: Blue
Gender: Female/Male

Ch.Sakuya is the Ice-type starter, along with Ch.Marisa and Ch. REIMU. Chibi Sakuya evolves into Sakuya at level 18, then EX Sakuya (ESakuya) at level 36. With use of a Water Stone, Chibi Sakuya evolves into Inu Sakuya.

Move listEdit

  • 01-Scratch
  • 01-Leer
  • 07-Knife Throw
  • 11-Double Kick
  • 15-Metal Claw
  • 19-P Square
  • 23-Killing Doll
  • 25-Ice Ball
  • 31-Trick
  • 35-Slash
  • 39-Mind's Eye
  • 43-Sculpture
  • 47-Sakuya's World